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We work closely with the Togolese and International legal environment to better serve the local clients who need legal services all over Togo…

About Us

CLH with its partners is a corporate, prominent, and full-service global law firm based in Lome, Togo. The company focuses and handles all aspects of legal issues in all its dimensions and with a result-oriented, best-in-class approach.

While the legal service is the most important services in the human life, If there’s one thing that sums up the way we go about serving our clients it’s our belief that outstanding things happen when the best minds work together.

We foster diverse viewpoints so that we can draw on a constant stream of new ideas to solve the toughest legal issues our clients face, wherever they are in the world.


We apply the highest professional standards in everything we do. We uphold the highest ethical standards. We hold ourselves and each other accountable and dare to speak up. We communicate clearly and openly within our organisation. We work efficiently together towards a shared direction. We work together to make a significant difference for each client.

Our Mission

We put people at the heart of our business. We empower exceptional talent and nurture collective entrepreneurship. We provide each other with room to develop so we can all maximise our impact. We are a trusted partner for our clients with a solution-driven approach. We provide them with smart and efficient services so they can succeed in their ambitions.

Core Values

We create an inspiring, inclusive and fun place to work where we can all reach our full potential. We encourage each other to find, develop and pursue new ideas and opportunities. We welcome and value different perspectives. We trust and respect each other both professionally and personally. We take pride in our firm, challenge ourselves and each other.

Cabinet Lawson Homes Lawyers

Our lawyers all share the same values : they are independent-minded, they are recognized experts in their field, but above all, they are entrepreneurial-minded and like to think along with their clients.

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